He studies piano in Amsterdam, his last year, but he also follows classes in Madrid. Besides a great interest in all forms of art he also tries to learn Spanish, and, since recently, he immerses himself in the world of physics. Aidan likes to develop himself in a versatile way, also musically, and thus he just had his first violin lesson. But I’m quite a normal person”, he says. I stand firmly with both feet on the ground.”

Aidan, sixteen years young, has a Dutch mother and a Syrian father. Except for his surname, the culture of his father’s homeland did not have an influence on him. My dad lives already 30 years in The Netherlands and my Syrian family lives safely in Dubai. I don’t speak the language, and actually, I haven’t been raised with anything from that culture.Then he adds: Anyway, there isn’t just one culture that I could identify with.

When Aidan wants to relax and read, he likes to read about physics, about the laws of the universe. He makes a comparison with art. Music, but also art in general, rises far above everything, and reaches the very big thing. We live such one-dimensional lives! It inspires me to look at things from another perspective, and to experience the relativity of things and the void. In painting, the young pianist’s preferences go to modern art. I like the paintings of Rothko. Just as my girlfriend who is a singer, I think that art is part of our lives, and everything we do is related to it.”

For a sixteen-year old he may sound like a smart ass, but according to Aidan it has nothing to do with life experience, rather with insights. He laughs when he says: I also like to do things that suit my age.” He refers to the student life, the hanging out with friends and drinking in the pub from time to time. When he wants to relax, he goes with friends to listen to jazz music. When I listen to classical music, I’m automatically analyzing, and that doesn’t relax.”

With everything he does Aidan hears music in his head. Sometimes it makes him restless. The more you discover, the less you know. That is true for all sciences, but certainly also for music”, he explains. When he gets very tired or restless, he stops playing and just goes out for a while. I need that sometimes, just to go out for a while. Then, he can freshly continue to rehearse for his concert at the International Holland Piano Series. He will delight his audience with music by a.o. his favourite composer Schubert ánd, according to him, the two most beautiful etudes by Rachmaninoff.

Interview by Wilma Lagendijk